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Do you need a soundcard for a gaming pc

Do you Need a Sound Card? - YouTube

Brian Thomas|3 days ago
6/27/2015 · A lot of people assume they need a sound card in their PC build, but the reality is a little more complex. What are you using your PC for? Would you be better suited using an external DAC/amp ...

Do I need a sound card on my computer build? - Quora

Kevin Campbell|13 days ago
11/15/2016 · In my experience as an old gamer, audiophile and long time ago even a sound engineer, onboard audio is crap. Then again, it might be just my subjective experience. Latest comparison I made was between an 11 years old Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Music...

Do I need a sound card for my PC ? | Tom's Hardware Forum

Paul Jones|18 days ago
7/18/2015 · Do I need a sound card for my PC ? Thread starter Escavior; Start date Oct 29, 2013; Sidebar Sidebar. Forums. ... Oct 20, 2013 37 0 10,530 0. Oct 29, 2013 #1 Hi guys.... I am planning to build a gaming pc. I am just confused whether I should get a sound card or not. And if yes , then which one should I get. ... You do want soundcard. On-board ...

Building a Gaming PC, do I need a sound card | Tom's ...

Joseph Scott|30 days ago
7/27/2012 · Do you need one if your just a regular gamer? no If your an audiophile do you need one? yes I would try on board audio first and see if you like it, if thats good enough for your then great! being an audiophile is an expensive habit ontop of an expensive habit, but for those of …

Do I need a soundcard? | Tom's Guide Forum

Kenneth Campbell|12 days ago
5/17/2019 · So guys are sound cards still relevant in 2018? If I have a mobo like a GIGABYTE AORUS GA-AX370-Gaming K7 or a GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 mobo would a soundcard increase my sound quality? Or am I ok with onboard sound? Also if a sound card would help could you guys give me some good recommendations? I appreciate any help given!

DO I need a soundcard for my gaming pc? | Yahoo Answers

Mark Garcia|5 days ago
4/19/2012 · DO I need a soundcard for my gaming pc? alright im wondering if I need one since im gonna build my pc soon an need to know if I need a soundcard so that I can hear music and games etc. or can I just get some speakers and then I can hear the game. Source(s): soundcard gaming pc: https://tr.im/PhwFy .

Do you need a sound card? : pcmasterrace - reddit

Joseph Jones|19 days ago
8/16/2015 · You don't need one anymore, and that has been the case for over 10 years. Because it's another thing to buy and some people think they need to buy what there is buy based on the grand lies that sound card companies make. You want to get your sound processing outside of your case. To do that, you either use a headphone amp or a receiver.

Should You Buy a Sound Card? - YouTube

Paul Harris|14 days ago
4/8/2013 · An explanation on the benefits of a standalone sound card, and whether you should buy one. ASUS third party drivers: http://maxedtech.com/asus-xonar-unified-...

[Build Help] Do I need a sound card for this gaming PC ...

Robert Evans|13 days ago
3/24/2015 · USD$ [Build Help] Do I need a sound card for this gaming PC? (self.buildapc) submitted 4 years ago by lasercrestwood. I have all the parts except for the RAM for this in my apartment right now. Once the RAM comes in, I will start building. My question, which may be incredibly stupid, is do I need a sound card for this?

Do I need soundcard for 5.1 surround sound on this ...

Daniel Johnson|15 days ago
6/13/2019 · so unless you had some sort of front panel module (not worth having really) the answer is no, it doesnt support surround and you DO need to buy a soundcard. as for the spdif output jack... you can ignore that as you wont be using it for the x540 system. this is only used to connect to home theater receivers and some speakers like the expensive ...

All About Do You Need a Soundcard for a Pc - bengislife.com

Anthony Thomas|16 days ago
All About Do You Need a Soundcard for a Pc A PC isn't really the best spot for any type of hardware to be added for enhancing sound. It is a poor source for hi-fi, but that probably doesn't matter if you mainly want to change the sound to suit your ears.

Buying Do I Need a Soundcard for My Pc - bengislife.com

Kevin Davis|14 days ago
Buying Do I Need a Soundcard for My Pc ... If you need a gaming PC, no matter how much money you've got to spend, getting it's a snap. It's far better than it should be for gaming, and you may probably do some simple voice work on it if you had to, no issue. what is.

Do you use a separate sound card for your PC?. | IGN Boards

Kevin Turner|6 days ago
1/29/2017 · Boards > Gaming > PC > Do you ... i think i will need to get a sound card, also the consensus seems to be that it does make a difference with a dedicated sound card. ... Way back when you either ...

Do i need a soundcard for 7.1 headphones? :: Hardware and ...

Anthony Moore|21 days ago
9/5/2017 · The surround is generally done via software emulation. Just like if you go on your PC and connect only 2 or 2.1 Speaker setup, then go into your Audio config and enable Virtual Surround. Most Games you often don't need to toggle this, as the game itself can usually do it via it's own options and emulation of sound-track, etc.

Why do we need a soundcard? - Quora

Mark Lee|5 days ago
11/29/2016 · Of course we need something that converts the digital signals of the computer to analog sound. But nowadays that is almost always built into the motherboard. But there it's close to other electronic components which produce a tiny noise which will...

Do I still need a sound card in my PC? - The Tech Report

Anthony Wright|24 days ago
4/3/2015 · Do I still need a sound card in my PC? ... do I still need a sound card, or is motherboard audio now good enough? ... I know some of you are strictly readers and have expressed a preference ...